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It is important to make concrete efforts to counter homophobia. The human effort to do so is exactly what creates change and enables mentalities to evolve. The International Day Against Homophobia on May 17th is the perfect opportunity to make such efforts.


The Fight Homophobia campaign is the perfect occasion
to do your part to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender people and there are tons of ways you
can help:

How to participate?

>> Use the campaign’s internet promotional material and circulate it on Facebook and Twitter, in blogs and in e-mails;

>> Order the campaign posters and brochures, and distribute them at your workplace or at school;

>> Organize activities, discussions, and conferences, have public personalities participate in them, and encourage the media to get involved;

>> Organize rainbow-flag-raising ceremonies;

>> Submit articles to be published in newspapers;

>> Encourage key players in civil society to recognize the International Day Against Homophobia and to participate in the campaign.

Raising the Rainbow Flag

Get involved in the nationwide plan to raise the Rainbow Flag on May 17 for the International Day Against Homophobia. Wherever there’s a flagpole, you can fly a Rainbow Flag.

The Rainbow Flag is the world’s most recognised symbol of LGBT diversity. Created by San Francisco based artist Gilbert Baker, the Rainbow Flag was first used in 1978 at Gay Pride in San Francisco.

The six colours represent various facets of LGBT communities: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, and violet for spirituality.

  • Model letter to municipal board or bourough council to request the Rainbow Flag be raised and for a motion to proclaim the International Day Against Homophobia (Word)
  • Model motion to proclaim the International Day Against Homophobia (Word)

Here are some initiatives that people can take within their environment:

  • Teachers and Instructors

    Teachers and instructors can find on this website ways to participate. The Teaching Tools section offers various pedagogical tools with which teachers can create and organize classroom activities.

  • Schools and School Boards

    May 17 will be an exceptional moment to:

    • prohibit discrimination against, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-identified students, as well as students who are harassed due to perceptions of their gender identity or sexual orientation. More information (Word);
    • organise activities at school and in the classroom. Fondation Émergence had also put forward a project for 2005 and 2006: Ten Minutes at Ten O'clock Against Homophobia;
    • inviting a guest speaker, hanging posters, etc. See Taking action in schools.
  • Parents

    It's the right moment to let their children know that from now on slurs such as “fag(got)”, “dike”, “homo” and any other derogatory remarks toward gays and lesbians will no longer be tolerated at home and that they will have to eliminate these words once and for all from their vocabulary out of respect for gays and lesbians and their immediate families.

  • Libraries

    Clearly displaying books on homophobia.

  • Employers

    To set up programs against homophobia in the workplace.

  • Trade unions

    To organize awareness activities in the workplace.

  • Community groups

    To heighten awareness among their constituencies.

  • Broadcasters

    To present special reports and documentaries on the subject.

  • Newspapers

    To publish reports and in-depth articles on the subject.

  • Radio station

    To call upon artists and personalities to speak on the subject, and to play songs about tolerance.

  • Internet diffusers

    To take out or to refuse any homophobic content.

  • Gays and lesbians who wish to do so

    To “come out” of the closet.

  • Legislators, governments, municipalities and school boards

    To approve a motion in support of the International Day Against Homophobia, and to make a commitment to fight homophobia. Download the
    draft for proposed motion (Word).

  • The general public

    To make a symbolic gesture.

Activities and Initiatives

Keep us informed of your activities and your actions!
We will publicize them on our web site.
Simply fill out the form and return it to us at Fondation Émergence.
2013 Campaign
Free promotional material to share online

In search of ideas?

Are you in search of ideas to organize an activity or to make a meaningful gesture?

Get inspiration from the activities organized in 2012,  20112010, 2009 or 2008 by different groups.

Use teaching tools developed by specialists. Refer also to the page Taking Action in Schools.

International Day Against Homophobia - May 17


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