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2010 Campaign – International Day Against Homophobia – May 17, 2010

Positive campaign results despite
the sports world’s refusal to participate

A call to sports media and sportscasters

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Montréal, May 14, 2010 – Fondation Émergence is making a positive assessment of the annual fight against homophobia campaign, which will reach its highpoint with the holding of the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17.

As it does each year, Fondation Émergence is proposing a campaign aimed at a particular sector of society. Entitled Speaking About Silence, the 2010 Campaign is geared toward the sports world. According to a Léger Marketing survey whose results were revealed today, 78 % of Québec residents and 72 % of other Canadians agree with the statement that the issue of homosexuality is kept silent in the sports world (www.homophobiaday.org).

Refusal to back a declaration of support

To make the sports world aware of the need to defeat homophobia, Fondation Émergence invited sports associations, federations, and other organizations to back a declaration signed by the Minister of Education, Sports, and Recreation, Ms Michelle Courchesne, and by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Québec, Ms Kathleen Weil. Below is the text of the declaration:

No form of discrimination is welcome in the sports world.
Being an athlete is not only about reaching higher and higher physically.
It’s also about supporting the values of justice, equality,
team unity, respect, and dignity.
Plus, it’s fighting any form of discrimination,
including discrimination based on sexual orientation.
That’s why I lend my support
to the International Day Against Homophobia.

Save for two cases, there were no replies to this invitation sent out in September 2009, followed by a reminder in 2010. Fondation Émergence President Laurent McCutcheon states that, “Such a declaration should normally be backed by all those who support society’s values. A behaviour like this is hard to explain in our society. Obviously, the point is that it’s the only banned reason to discriminate provided for by charters of rights and for which society condones such indifference. Even in this case, the system turns out to be stronger than individuals are since what we’re dealing with is systemic discrimination. We need to toughen our will”.

Invitation to sports media and sportscasters

The sports world’s channels of information are controlled by specialized media, specialized journalists, and specialized broadcasters. We are calling on the media to take interest in this issue.

Participation from the community

The campaign has been a success among the public. Several organizations have ordered posters and pamphlets from Fondation Émergence. Available both in English and in French, this material is offered in two versions: hockey and soccer. Material is not sent out unless a written request is made specifying its usefulness. Moreover, at least 261 of these organizations have informed the foundation of initiatives and activities that they set up for the 2010 International Day Against Homophobia. The initiatives are posted online at www.homophobiaday.org under the Activities Section.

All these initiatives are the product of a variety of organizations from all communities. The campaign is also supported by the LGBT community and by the major figures of general society. We would like to point out the participation of several unions, in particular the CSQ, who distributed a sizable quantity of posters and pamphlets.

A few figures

  • 1 800 000 annual website hits
  • 280 000 English and French pamphlets
  • 100 000 French stickers « Non à l’homophobie! »
  • 70 000 English and French posters
  • 261 initiatives and activities reported to Fondation Émergence (May 7th)
  • 60 banners along Montréal streets
  • 40 banners along Québec City streets
  • 44 partners and sponsors
  • 15 contact languages for electronic material

Thanks to sponsors and partners

Fondation Émergence would like to thank the sponsors of the eighth edition of the International Day Against Homophobia: Desjardins, the Government of Québec, National Bank, and Telus. Our thanks to the many partners who have joined the foundation for the 2010 Fight Against Homophobia Campaign.

International Day

In 2003, Fondation Émergence proposed an annual theme event dedicated to the fight against homophobia. This event became the International Day Against Homophobia, which takes place on May 17. This day raises ever-growing participation, not only in Canada but also in the world. Fondation Émergence receives promotional material coming from various countries. Electronic versions of posters have been produced in 15 languages, all available on line at www.homophobiaday.org.

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English Language Contact: Denis Cormier, Director of Programmes, 514 866-6788
Richard Rancourt, Director of Communications, 514 866-6788
Laurent McCutcheon, President, 514 522-7614

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